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Learn how to help your clients and community transcend the past to a healthy future

Historical trauma has a significant impact on the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of
Native Americans. At the core of Native American psychology, historical trauma manifests itself in the social and personal issues prevalent in our communities including substance abuse, mental health problems, domestic violence, child abuse, depression, anger, and loneliness. Denying historical trauma exists or downplaying its importance perpetuates its impact on the community. The past must be acknowledged and confronted in order for healing to truly begin.

The purpose of the Historical Trauma and Native Americans workshop is   “As a psychiatrist who has worked on the issue of healing from historical trauma with Native people for more than a decade, I am delighted and inspired by this curriculum.  I think tribes throughout the U.S. will find it a means to bring new hope to their people.”    Donna Schindler, M.D to give individuals the opportunity to explore the impact of historical trauma on their families and their own lives. This understanding is crucial to transcending stereotypes and personal barriers to build a healthy future. The workshops incorporate a variety of methods including discussion, Native crafts, media presentations, the keeping of a journal, and the sharing of personal stories.

(Photo above: Native American children and their teacher at a boarding school around 1890. Used by permission of the Minnesota Historical Society.)

Who should attend:

Mental health therapists, substance abuse counselors, and social workers who work with Native Americans will find this workshop invaluable. This course is beneficial for college level educators and students of social work, psychology and Native American studies.

What the Workshop Covers:

“This curriculum has taken the many years of theoretical and clinical work and has made it available to groups that need it the most. The developers of this curriculum bring a much needed healing to many and make it an ongoing process. Participants in groups will be able to not only understand the issues that affect their lives because of historical trauma, they will be able to take meaningful steps towards healing themselves, their families and communities.” Eduardo Duran, PhD You will gain an overview of historical trauma and guidance in presenting therapeutic workshops to Native Americans in your practice and community. The curriculum examines long-term effects of historical trauma including cultural self-hate, unstable and unhealthy community and family dynamics, feeling of helplessness, lack of motivation, and self-hate that is both internalized and externalized. It addresses lateral violence, and distorted relationships with family, community and the earth. Each module focuses on behaviors that help Native people address these issues, teaching skills to bolster individual, family and community resilience.



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